The Concept

Ban Nai's Ramen

  • Noodle – The distinct characteristics of Kitakata Ramen is flat, wide and curly noodle. Noodle contains the highest amount of water among Ramen noodles, and is aged perfectly for chewiness. Noodle is also hand-crumpled to have distinctive curliness and texture. You will enjoy its chewiness and very distinct feel when slurping.
  • Soup – We only use selected pork bones and spend long hours just to extract the pure umami of the pork bones. Our Soup is light in color yet very flavorful with depth, and since it’s not oily you won’t be tired of eating it every day!
  • Chashu – Our signature “Toro-Chashu” is hand-crafted and freshly-prepared every few hours every day at each restaurant. We simmer specially selected cuts of pork belly for several hours with our secret recipe. Please enjoy our “Toro-Chashu” that are very soft and melt in your month!